New Clients

The most important part of any massage is to breathe. Try to relax and melt into the table. The benefits of any service are magnified by a calm body and open mind. Let me do the work!

Health History

New Clients will be asked to complete Health History paperwork. A copy of the form can be accessed here. Please bring a completed copy with you to your first appointment.


Please plan on arriving 5 to 10 minutes before every appointment.

What to expect during your massage

You will be treated in a professional manner. The body will be draped/covered at all times except for the area being worked on.


“Undress to your comfort level.” What does that mean?

Female Clients: Remove outer garments. Please also remove bras at the very least so the back can be accessed. Underwear/Panty removal is 100% up to the client.

Male Clients: Remove outer garments. Underwear removal is 100% up to the client.

Please no neck or wrist jewelry or big/dangling earrings as it interferes with the massage.


If the client has any warts, foot fungus or infection of any kind, please keep socks on to inhibit the spread.